Transforming Culture: Creating and Sustaining a Better Manufacturing Organization 2010th Edition by E. Briody (Author), R. Trotter (Author), T. Meerwarth (Author)



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Transforming Culture offers a discussion and exploration of American work culture that can serve as a guide for organizational-culture change through the description and explanation of a model for change used at GM. The book describes the model, discusses culture-change tools that were derived from it and descriptions of how the tools work. Read more

Review WINNER of the 2012 Robert B. Textor and Family Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology from the American Anthropological Association”We have few work organization studies with such thick description over a two-decade period . . . The book is a cautionary tale about the death and hopeful rebirth of manufacturing in the Untied States and provides important social commentary on the American Dream at the beginning of a new millennium.” – Anthropology of Work Review”An approach, tools, and stories that helped us build a strong, productive culture.” – Randy Thayer, Lansing Regional Plant Manager, Lansing Delta Township and Lansing Grand River”Perceptive, instructive, and critically important! The authors’ incisive analysis, combined with real-world illustrations and an engaging writing style, make this book stand out from all others.” – S. Tamer Cavusgil, Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University and Director of the Institute of International Business”This aptly titled book combines technical expertise and experience of a high order with work with a variety of people in the manufacturing trenches at GM. The authors have developed real and realistic methods to induce constructive culture change. Useful to anyone trying to change the culture of an organization.” – Bob Frosch, former Vice President, GM and former Administrator, NASA. About the Author Author Elizabeth K. Briody: Elizabeth K. Briody, Ph.D., is Founder and Principal of Cultural Keys LLC and formerly Technical Fellow, General Motors R&D. Author Robert T. Trotter, II: Robert T. Trotter, II, is Regents Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University, USA. Author Tracy L. Meerwarth: Tracy L. Meerwarth is a Corporate Officer at Consolidated Bearings Company, Ltd., New Jersey, USA.

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