Nonprofit Organizations: Theory, Management, Policy 3rd Edition by Helmut K. Anheier (Author), Stefan Toepler (Author)



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In this new edition of the popular textbook, Nonprofit Organizations: Theory, Management, Policy, Helmut K. Anheier and Stefan Toepler have fully updated, revised, and expanded this comprehensive introduction to a growing field. The text takes on an international and comparative perspective, detailing the background and concepts and examining relevant theories and central issues. Anheier and Toepler cover the full range of nonprofit organizations―service providers, membership organizations, foundations, community groups―in different fields, such as arts and culture, health and social services, and education. Introducing central terms such as philanthropy, charity, social entrepreneurship, social investment, and civil society, they explain how the field relates to public management and administration. This textbook is systematic in its approach to theories, management, and policy. The first edition won the Best Book Award at the American Academy of Management in 2006, and this new edition will continue to match the growing demand for academic teaching. Nonprofit Organizations: Theory, Management, Policy is an ideal resource for students of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Read more

Review Praise for previous editions of Nonprofit Organizations:”An invaluable resource for students, scholars, policy makers, and practitioners. No other source so effectively conveys complex ideas with such pellucid prose, no other volume so seamlessly integrates a crucial international perspective into this topic―and no one but Professor Anheier has the experience, overview, and wisdom to produce a volume of this scope and quality.” Paul DiMaggio, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University, USA”The clear international leader in its field.” Martin Knapp, Professor of Health and Social Care Policy, London School of Economics, UK”The indispensable text for both graduate and undergraduate courses on the organization of the nonprofit sector.” Stanley N. Katz, Professor, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, USA”Comprehensive, grounded in theory and data, with historical and comparative perspectives, this book is useful to practitioners as well as students and scholars throughout the world.” Leslie Lenkowsky, Professor Emeritus in Public Affairs and Philanthropic Studies, Indiana University, USA”The book lucidly examines key management and policy issues facing nonprofit organizations around the world … [A] valuable resource for classroom use, researchers, and nonprofit staff and volunteers.” Steven Rathgeb Smith, Executive Director, American Political Science Association About the Author Helmut K. Anheier is Professor of Sociology at the Hertie School, Germany, and faculty member of the Luskin School of Public Affairs, University of California, Los Angeles. Stefan Toepler is Professor of Nonprofit Studies at the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, Virginia.

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