iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 7th Edition by Christian Keur (Author), Aaron Hillegass (Author)



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Updated for Xcode 11, Swift 5, and iOS 13, iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide leads you through the essential concepts, tools, and techniques for developing iOS applications. After completing this book, you will have the know-how and the confidence you need to tackle iOS projects of your own.Based on Big Nerd Ranch’s popular iOS training and its well-tested materials and methodology, this bestselling guide teaches iOS concepts and coding in tandem. The result is instruction that is relevant and useful.Throughout the book, the authors explain what’s important and share their insights into the larger context of the iOS platform. You get a real understanding of how iOS development works, the many features that are available, and when and where to apply what you’ve learned. New features and content include: Chapters on Container View Controllers and Custom UIControl SubclassesAdded coverage of the Codable APIs, including handling some common custom JSON decoded situationsReworked the animations chapter for the new UIPropertyAnimator APIs Read more

About the Author Christian Keur (Atlanta, GA) is a software engineer and instructor at Big Nerd Ranch, where he maintains the course materials for the company’s highly acclaimed iOS Bootcamp on which this book is based. Christian earned a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and can often be found wandering around Atlanta, glancing up at the stars, or reading a book.Aaron Hillegass (Atlanta, GA), founder of Big Nerd Ranch and a former employee at NeXT and Apple, has nearly two decades’ experience programming and teaching Objective-C, Cocoa, and, more recently, iOS. Aaron is the co-author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X and Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide.


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