Introduction to Fourier Optics Fourth Edition by Joseph W. Goodman (Author)



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Applying Fourier analysis specifically to optics, Introduction to Fourier Optics focuses on its application to diffraction, imaging, optical information processing, holography, and optical communications enabling you to successfully comprehend complex topics. Read more

Review “Goodman’s Introduction to Fourier Optics explains scalar wave propagation and transfer functions that are essential for understanding the performance of imaging and other optical systems. It also covers several advanced topics. This is the clearest and best-written textbook I have ever read.”―James R. Fienup, Robert E. Hopkins Professor of Optics, University of Rochester”Introduction to Fourier Optics provided me with my first introduction to this exciting field more than 30 years ago. Over the years it has continued to serve as a teaching resource, a reference book and a source of insights and inspiration for launching new research directions. Its clarity of presentation has set a gold standard for technical books possibly in all fields.”―Ravi Athale, DARPA”Joe Goodman’s wonderful book on Fourier Optics is like a good wine. It keeps getting better and better.”―Demetri Psaltis, California Institute of Technology

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