Hello, Startup: A Programmer’s Guide to Building Products, Technologies, and Teams 1st Edition by Yevgeniy Brikman


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  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10 : 1491909900
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1491909904


This book is the “Hello, World” tutorial for building products, technologies, and teams in a startup environment. It’s based on the experiences of the author, Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman, as well as interviews with programmers from some of the most successful startups of the last decade, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Stripe, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, and many others.

Hello, Startup is a practical, how-to guide that consists of three parts: Products, Technologies, and Teams. Although at its core, this is a book for programmers, by programmers, only Part II (Technologies) is significantly technical, while the rest should be accessible to technical and non-technical audiences alike.

If you’re at all interested in startups—whether you’re a programmer at the beginning of your career, a seasoned developer bored with large company politics, or a manager looking to motivate your engineers—this book is for you.

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Editorial Reviews


“I wish I’d had a book like this when I was getting my start in the industry.” – Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent Inc
“Jim will give you a guided and well-informed look at what it takes to build a software startup. There is no jargon or fluff–just practical, simple, and proven advice, presented in an easily readable book.” – Eugene Mirkin, Entrepreneur in Residence, Array Ventures

From the Author

I wish I had a book like Hello, Startup back when I was in college. By the time I graduated, I had a BS, a Masters, a bunch of internship experiences–and absolutely no idea what I was doing. What technologies should I learn and use? How do I build a user interface that doesn’t look terrible? How do I negotiate a job offer? Should I negotiate for more salary or more equity? What is equity, anyway? Should I work at a large company or join a startup?
I learned the answers to these questions, and many others, the hard way–through trial and error. I also learned that thousands of other developers before me went through the same inefficient trial and error process. It doesn’t have to be this way. While there are a small number of lessons that you can only learn by making your own mistakes, my hope is that you can learn everything else by studying the successes, failures, and stories in Hello, Startup.


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