Engineering Software Products: An Introduction to Modern Software Engineering 1st Edition by Ian Sommerville (Author)



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For one-semester courses in software engineering.Introduces software engineering techniques for developing software products and appsWith Engineering Software Products, author Ian Sommerville takes a unique approach to teaching software engineering and focuses on the type of software products and apps that are familiar to students, rather than focusing on project-based techniques. Written in an informal style, this book focuses on software engineering techniques that are relevant for software product engineering. Topics covered include personas and scenarios, cloud-based software, microservices, security and privacy and DevOps. The text is designed for students taking their first course in software engineering with experience in programming using a modern programming language such as Java, Python or Ruby. Read more

About the Author About our authorIan Sommerville is Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at St Andrews University, Scotland. He has a BSc in Physics from Strathclyde University and MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science from St Andrews University. He has been a full Professor of Computer Science since 1986 firstly, at Lancaster University, and, subsequently, at St Andrews University. He has written several software engineering textbooks, including Software Engineering, now in its 10th edition, which has been in print since 1982. In 2011, he was awarded both the IEEE TCSE Distinguished Educator award and the ACM SIGSOFT Influential Educator award. He wrote his first computer program in 1970 and, almost 50 years later, still enjoys programming.


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