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A valuable short guide for mastering the craft of academic writing! Students and young professionals who care about direct, clear expression should read this lucid, delightful gem by an author who practices what she advises. McCloskey’s systematic treatment provides a range of insights and practical advice for better writing by scholars in every field. Titles of related interest also available from Waveland Press: Brooks-Quigley, Words’ Worth: Write Well and Prosper, Second Edition (ISBN 978-1577666776) and Gerard, Creative Nonfiction: Researching and Crafting Stories of Real Life, Second Edition(ISBN 9781478635307). Read more

Review “Deirdre McCloskey’s Economical Writing, originally aimed to help economists write better, is in this second edition clearly a book that should be read by scholars in every field. Her thirty-one rules, offered with wit and delightful brevity, include the essential warning that though rules can help, bad rules hurt. McCloskey’s are all of the helpful kind.” — Wayne Booth, University of Chicago

“If you want to be read [and who doesn’t] and be remembered [better yet], Economical Writing is for you. This entertaining volume will teach you how to write meaningful and joyful economics. A dose of McCloskey banishes the dismal from the ‘dismal science.’ McCloskey is the Strunk and White of economics, and Economic Writing should be required reading for all economists.” –Claudia Goldin, Harvard University”McCloskey tells economists to say what they have to say clearly and economically, and then shows them how. Students can learn to write so that the professor will know what they mean and, more important, professors can learn to write so that the rest of the world will know what they mean.” –Howard S. Becker, University of Washington”Professor McCloskey has written the best short guide to academic prose in the language. Is this language English and not the Academic Official Style? Does McCloskey write with a sense that is also a sense of humor? All true. Buy and believe.” –Richard Lanham, University of California, Los Angeles

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