Digital Integrated Circuits 2nd Edition by Jan Rabaey (Author), Anantha Chandrakasan (Author), Borivoje Nikolic (Author)



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Intended for use in undergraduate senior-level digital circuit design courses with advanced material sufficient for graduate-level courses.Progressive in content and form, this text successfully bridges the gap between the circuit perspective and system perspective of digital integrated circuit design. Beginning with solid discussions on the operation of electronic devices and in-depth analysis of the nucleus of digital design, the text maintains a consistent, logical flow of subject matter throughout. The revision addresses today’s most significant and compelling industry topics, including: the impact of interconnect, design for low power, issues in timing and clocking, design methodologies, and the tremendous effect of design automation on the digital design perspective. The revision reflects the ongoing evolution in digital integrated circuit design, especially with respect to the impact of moving into the deep-submicron realm. Read more

From the Back Cover Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1996, CMOS manufacturing technology has continued its breathtaking pace, scaling to ever-smaller dimensions. Minimum feature sizes are now reaching the 100-rim realm. Circuits are becoming more complex, challenging the productivity of the designer, while the plunge into the deep-submicron space causes devices to behave differently and brings to the forefront a number of new issues that impact the reliability, cost, performance, power dissipation, and reliability of the digital IC. This updated text reflects the ongoing (r)evolution in the world of digital integrated circuit design, caused by this move into the deep-submicron realm. This means increased importance of deep-submicron transistor effects, interconnect, signal integrity, high-performance and low-power design, timing, and clock distribution. In contrast to the first edition, the present text focuses entirely on CMOS ICs.―A Dynamic Companion Even more than for the first edition, this book uses its companion website to evolve and grow over time. It contains complete Microsoft PowerPoint presentations covering all the material, updates. corrections, design projects, and extensive instructor material. Most importantly, all problem sets are now available on the website (and have been removed from the text). Outstanding Features of the TextIt focuses solely on deep-submicron CMOS devices, the workhorses of today’s digital integrated circuits. A simple transistor model for manual analysis, called the unified MOS model, has been developed and is used throughout.Design Examples stress the design of Digital ICs from a real-world perspective. Design challenges and guidelines are highlighted. 0.25-micron CMOS technology is used for all the examples and problems.Design Methodology inserts are interspersed throughout the text, highlighting the importance of methodology and tools in today’s design process.A Perspective section at the end of each chapter gives an insight into future evolutions.

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