Designing for People: An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering 3rd Edition by John D Lee (Author), Christopher D. Wickens (Author), Yili Liu (Author), Linda Ng Boyle (Author)



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Whether it is the car you drive or the app on your smartphone, technology has an increasingly powerful influence on you. When designed with people in mind, this influence can improve lives and productivity. This book provides a broad introduction on how to attend to the needs, capabilities, and preferences of people in the design process. We combine methods of design thinking and systems thinking to understand people’s needs and evaluate whether those needs are met. This book also provides a detailed description of the capabilities and limits of people—both mental and physical—and how these can guide the design of everything from typography to teams and from data visualization to habits. The book includes: • Over 70 design principles for displays, controls, human-computer interaction, automation, and workspace layout• Integrative discussion of the research and theory underlying these guidelines, supported by over 1,000 references• Examples of successful and unsuccessful designs and exercises that link principles and theory to applications in consumer products, the workplace, and high risk-systems We hope this book will give a useful introduction to students entering the field and will also serve as a reference for researchers, engineers, and designers. Read more

About the Author John Lee is the Emerson Electric Quality and Productivity Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His work focuses on driver distraction, trust in technology, human interaction with increasingly autonomous systems. Christopher D. Wickens is a professor emeritus of Aviation and Psychology at the University of Illinois and is currently a senior scientist at Alion Science and Technology, Boulder, Colorado, and a professor of Psychology at Colorado State University. His research concerns applied cognition, attention, and decision making. Yili Liu is the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Industrial & Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. His research interests include human-machine environment systems, cognitive modeling, cognitive engineering, and cognitive ergonomics. Linda Ng Boyle is Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, and Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington. Her research centers on quantifying human behavior with the ultimate goal of making everything safer and better for people.

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