Children Who See Too Much: Lessons from the Child Witness to Violence Project January 20, 2003 by Betsy Mcalister Groves (Author)



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For the last ten years Betsy Groves has been working with children traumatized by witnessing violence. In this book she shows how children understand, respond to, and are affected by violence, especially domestic violence. Groves makes the powerful case that traumatic events carried out by family members carry the most severe psychological risks for very young children. She uses clinical case studies to show that being young does not protect against the lasting effects of witnessing violence, and she offers ways adults can help. Read more

Review Betsy Groves offers rare insight and guidance for adults who seek to help children cope with trauma and violence. Now more than ever, we all need this help as images of disaster are an all too common element of childhood in America. –James Garbarino, Ph.D., author of Parents Under Siege”Groves draws on her tenure with the Child Witness to Violence Project in Boston to show that there is hope for these youngsters, that they can be helped through frank talk and therapy. Her message is clear: Children must be encouraged to openly discuss the violence in their lives; otherwise it will foment trouble within.” –David Ruenzal, Teacher Magazine”Children Who See Too Much will fill the need for a road map felt by parents overwhelmed by all the awfulness around them.” –Judith Warner, The Washington Post”The subject makes Children Who See Too Much an easy choice for social workers and pediatric counselors. Yet, in breaking down the issue, Groves shows why the book is meant for parents, teachers, police officers-and anyone who senses the weight that children carry today.” –Jodi Nirode, The Columbus Ohio Dispatch”Groves provides six practical steps that will help parents create a safer world, regardless of neighborhood or race. The Boston Medical Center model presented in this book is clearly a valuable one for other communities to copy.” –Library Journal”This is a valuable book to alert parents and therapists to the pain that children go through after witnessing violence. It is so timely now after the horrors we have experienced in New York City. These children are all the more vulnerable to other kinds of violence.” –T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. About the Author Betsy McAlister Groves is founder of the nationally recognized Child Witness to Violence Project at Boston Medical Center.

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