Cases in International Relations – Eighth Edition Eighth Edition by Donald M. Snow (Author)



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Designed to complement the main themes of any introductory IR course, Snow’s bestselling text presents original case studies that survey the state of the international system and look in-depth at issues of current interest. The cases are extremely timely, geopolitically diverse, accessibly written, and of high interest and salience amidst today’s headlines. The eighth edition features 18 shorter case studies—four more than the previous edition, each of which is designed to be highly accessible and read in a single sitting, allowing for an expansion in the number of topics covered. New and updated topics include petrolism, diplomacy, instruments of power, the universality of human rights, cybersecurity and cyberwar, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation. Read more

About the Author Donald M. Snow is Professor Emeritus in the department of Political Science at the University of Alabama. Prior to this position he was visiting professor of international security studies at the U.S. Air War College. He is the author of numerous books and articles on national security, international conflict, and American foreign policy.

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