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This is the official print version of this OpenStax textbook. OpenStax makes full-color hardcover and B&W paperback print copies available for students who prefer a hardcopy textbook to go with the free digital version of this OpenStax title. The textbook content is exactly the same as the OpenStax digital book. This textbook is available for free download at the OpenStax dot org website, but as many students prefer to study with hardcopy books, we offer affordable OpenStax textbooks for sale through Amazon as well as most campus bookstores. Read more

About the Author Senior Contributing Authors:Gilbert Strang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Edwin Jed Herman (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)Contributing Authors:William Radulovich (Formerly at Florida State College at Jacksonville)Erica M. Rutter (Arizona State University)David Smith (University of the Virgin Islands)Kirsten R. Messer (Colorado State University-Pueblo)Alfred K. Mulzet (Florida State College at Jacksonville)Nicoleta Virginia Bila (Fayetteville State University)Sheri J. Boyd (Rollins College)Joyati Debnath (Winona State University)Michelle Merriweather (Bronxville High School)Valeree Falduto (Palm Beach State College)Elaine A. Terry (Saint Joseph’s University)David Torain (Hampton University)Catherine Abbott (Keuka CollegeJoseph Lakey (New Mexico State University)Julie Levandosky (Framingham State University)David McCune (William Jewell College)

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