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The evolution of economic thought can be traced back from its beginnings in classical antiquity up to the present day. In this book, Professor Alessandro Roncaglia offers a clear, concise and updated version of his award-winning The Wealth of Ideas, studying the development of economic thought through perspectives and debates on the economy and society over time. With chapters on prominent economic theorists, including William Petty, Karl Marx, and John Maynard Keynes, as well as on other important figures and key debates of each period, Roncaglia critically evaluates the foundations of the marginalist–neoclassical (scarcity–utility) approach in comparison to the Classical–Keynes approach. A comprehensive guide to the history of economic thought, this book will be of value not only to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying economic thought, but also to any readers desiring to study how economics has evolved up to the present day. Read more

Review Advance praise: ‘In this very lucid and concise book, Roncaglia takes us from the beginning of economic thought in classical antiquity right through to the contemporary scene. The main ideas are both clearly explained and connected by a narrative thread. The book is recommended reading for anyone who wants to find out about the fascinating history of economics, and that should include all economists.’ Donald Gillies, University College LondonAdvance praise: ‘This brief history of economic thought succeeds in combining conciseness with scholarly, informed and clear presentation, tracing the evolution of multifarious concepts and the various hypotheses on which they are based. It masterfully guides the reader along the entire timespan of the subject, from its prehistory to recent and contemporary developments.’ Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Sapienza, Università di Roma’HET [history of economic thought] brings to light multiple sources (and authorities) relating to various ideas which acts as a powerful antidote to the dominant monoculture in economics teaching and research.’ Alex M. Thomas, Artha Vijnana Book Description A clear and concise history of economic thought, developed from the author’s award-winning book, The Wealth of Ideas. About the Author Alessandro Roncaglia is Professor of Economics at Sapienza Università di Roma, member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, editor of PSL Quarterly Review and Moneta e Credito, and was previously the President of the Società Italiana degli Economisti. His numerous publications, translated in various languages, include The Wealth of Ideas (Cambridge, 2005). Read more

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