Women’s Writing in Middle English: An Annotated Anthology (Longman Annotated Texts) 2nd Edition by Alexandra Barratt (Author)


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Women’s writing in any period remains of critical concern, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Alexandra Barratt’s edition offers a wide range of texts from the period 1300-1500, including:Original texts written by women in the Middle Ages Texts translated by women in the Middle Ages Prayers, meditations, scriptural comment, and accounts of religious experiences Educational writings Romance, poetryEach poem is given a headnote, giving details of composition, manuscript and sources. Full on-page annotation is provided giving details of allusions to contemporary religious, historical and social issues. A general introduction gives context to all the pieces and provides a penetrating account of the role of women in a burgeoning society of literary and cultural transmission. Read more

From the Back Cover A collection as accessible as it is important, Women’s Writing in Middle English will prove an essential resource for all those concerned with the history, religion and culture of the Middle Ages.  Alexandra Barratt has selected a range of texts both for their intrinsic interest and for their contribution to our understanding of women’s place in the literary culture of the period. There are extracts from texts first written in Middle English by women, texts translated by women into Middle English, and texts composed by women in French and Latin that were available in Middle English translation. These include accounts of religious experiences; prayers and meditations; scriptural commentary; personal letters; educational writings; romance; and poetry. For this second edition, new texts have been added, including women’s wills and other legal documents, a nun’s form of confession, and more extracts from visionary writings.  A headnote accompanies each set of extracts, together with generous on-the-page annotations and explanatory glosses. The Introduction places the selections in context, and discusses whether such a category as ‘women’s writing’ could be said to exist in the Middle Ages. This new edition also includes a full, updated bibliography of primary and secondary sources.  Alexandra Barratt is Professor of English at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. About the Author Alexandra Barratt is Professor of English at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

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