Engineering Software Products: An Introduction to Modern Software Engineering 1st Edition by Ian Sommerville



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For one-semester software engineering courses this book explains how to create software goods and applications using software engineering principles. Author Ian Sommerville adopts a novel approach to teaching software engineering in his book Engineering Software Products, emphasizing software products and applications that students are already acquainted with rather than project-based learning methods. This book, which is written in an informal tone, focuses on software engineering methods that apply to software product engineering. Personas and scenarios, cloud-based software, microservices, security and privacy, and DevOps are among the subjects discussed. The book is intended for students who have familiarity with current programming languages like Java, Python, or Ruby and are enrolled in their first software engineering course. Continue reading

Concerning the Writer Concerning our writer Ian Sommerville teaches computer science at St Andrews University in Scotland as an Emeritus Professor. He graduated from Strathclyde University with a BSc in Physics and from St Andrews University with an MSc and PhD in Computer Science. Since 1986, he has held the position of full Professor of Computer Science at two different universities: Lancaster University and St Andrews University. His works on software engineering include Software Engineering, which is now in its tenth edition and has been in print since 1982. He received the 2011 ACM SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award as well as the IEEE TCSE Distinguished Educator Award. Almost fifty years after writing his first computer program in 1970, he continues to appreciate the art of programming.

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