Computer Networks 5th Edition Andrew Tanenbaum, David Wetherall



Tanenbaum Andrew S., Wetherall David J. – Computer Networks (2011, Prentice Hall)

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0132126958
  • ISBN-13: 978-0132126953


Tanenbaum Andrew S., Wetherall David J. – Computer Networks (2011)

Computer Networks, 5/e is suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, CIS, MIS, and Business departments that teach Computer Networking or Introduction to Networking.

Tanenbaum presents a methodical explanation of the internal workings of networks. Working his way up to network applications, he begins with an explanation of computer hardware, transmission methods, and the physical layer of networking. Email, the domain name system, the World Wide Web (client- and server-side), and multimedia (voice over IP, Internet radio, video on demand, video conferencing, and streaming media) are just a few of the applications that Tanenbaum covers in detail. Every chapter adopts the same methodology: Over the course of the book, Tanenbaum introduces important concepts and then uses the Internet and wireless networks, such as Bluetooth, wireless LANs, and broadband wireless, to demonstrate them. There is a whole chapter in the Fifth Edition dedicated to network security. In addition to the textbook, there is a Solutions Manual and a website with PowerPoint slides, several kinds of art, and other teaching resources, such as a protocol simulator that allows students to create and test their own network protocols.

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