Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach 7th James Kurose, Keith Ross


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Principal Advantage: The popular book Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach, which is unique among computer networking manuals, is in its seventh edition. It carries on the author’s long-standing history of teaching this difficult topic in a “top-down manner” using a layered approach. The book progresses from the application layer all the way down to the physical layer, introducing key ideas to readers at an early stage of their networking education. Without needing a deep understanding of programming or mathematics, this book offers students interested in computer science and electrical engineering a strong foundation by focusing on the Internet and the fundamentally crucial concerns of networking. The most significant and fascinating recent developments in networking have been included into the Seventh Edition.

KEY TOPICS: Computer Networks and the Internet; Application Layer; Transport Layer; The Network Layer: Data Plane; The Network Layer: Control Plane; The Link Layer: Links, Access Networks, and LANs; Wireless and Mobile Networks; Security in Computer Networks; Multimedia Networking

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